Tree House and Vale da Silva Farm NEWS

 TVI, one of the most important portuguese tv networks contacted Vale da Silva Villas in order to film and to know more about the history of this place, because they loved our houses and farm when they found it on internet!

Airbnb contacted Vale da Silva Villas and sent us a photographer because they loved our houses!

The newspaper Observador made an article about 10Portuguese Tree Houses and Vale da Silva Villas was included - 4th place!

Some foreign holiday guides also included Vale da Silva Villas - The Tree House 

Some national papers made some articles about Vale da Silva Villas and the Tree House…/dormir-nas-alturas-10-casas-nas-arv…/ INTERNET NEWS - Click on the link -  July/2017 - TVI NEWS  - July/2017
Airbnb photo session - Airbnb adverts - 2016